The House Is Falling Down

All the dishes broke in the sink. All the pictures fell off the walls. So many promises I meant to keep I can't remember at all. Dead silence between our words that hang unspoken in the air. We could rearrange the letters filling in the spaces and still find nothing there.

Our ghosts wander these rooms and stare at me reproachfully. There's a creaking at the top of the stairs but when I get there, there's no one there.

I can see you in a sunlit window. You have a glow, a halo. Your face is in shadow, the face I used to know better than my own.

There's a glint in your eyes like a knife in the dark. Slice replace spark. I'm afraid to start. Oh I'm reluctant to begin again, to lie down in the lion's den. In this bed we've made, to hone the blade, to cut into skin, to cut to the bone, to mesh motar and stone and tear down these walls to rebuild this house that's falling down.